De Vilmont


François Alphonse Donatien De Vilmont, the French aristocrat who lived in France at the time of the House of Bourbon and was a famous officer of the Royal Horse Guards of Louis XVI and the French Revolution army then. It is said that at Valmy, the night after the battle against the Austrian-Prussian armies, in the camp of the French hussars the noble De Vilmont sabered bottles of champagne, just as he did to the enemy squads. In honour of the great victory achieved, our Champagne takes the name of that legendary character, who was then guillotined, during the period of “The terror”. Rare and unique wines, such as the deeds inspiring them, the De Vilmont champagne wines lively grow in the terroir of a renowned AOC area: in the beautiful setting of Rilly La Montagne, a few kilometres from the famous town of Reims, where the luxuriant vineyards of Champagne cover the sides of the green surrounding hills.